Decided on 2013 planner – Filofax Malden + Smythson

Today I decided on which planners to use for 2013

I am an avid list-maker so for my lists I am going to use my Smythson Lapis Manuscript book. This is a gorgeous inky purply blue lizard skin with dark blue satin lining. About 300 sides but because Smythson paper is so light it weighs very little and is tough as nails.

Smythson Lapis Manuscript Book

In 2012 I used the Peridot/Maroon from the same series. Got them both half price at Heathrow Duty Free last January.

I tend to scribble lists of all kinds and notes. It is the closest I get to journalling these days but when I look back it is always the best record of my year.

1008068 (2)
Smythson Peridot Manuscript Book

Then for my organisational needs I will be using my A5 Malden. I have set it up as follows:

A5 Grey Malden

1. Vertical week on two pages. Have only put in 6 months’ worth. This is for my daily appointments only. Discard every three months and insert more on a rolling schedule – three months in and three months out. I need to check and update daily so these are at the front of my planner.

2. Behind that goes Horizontal week on two pages. This is for my daily to do lists and shopping. Lesson planning and printing, weekly food shopping, chores go in here. Once I am done with this I discard and insert for the coming months. Reduces my load and means I never carry anything in my Filo that I don’t need.

3. Behind that goes lined notepaper. For lesson notes, client notes, scribbles, addresses, codes. Once I am done with this I discard.

4. A-Z index for clients. Contains invoice info, notes, to-do’s, requests, attendance registers and business cards with contact info.

5. Plastic sleeves. Containing info for photocopying, articles for translation, random interesting lessons I carry around just in case.

6. My pens, and post-its go in the front zipped pocket and I have a notepad in the back slot.

The Malden will go into the front slot of my large Purple Rain Proenza Schouler PS1.

proenza-schouler-purplerain-ps1-large-leather-product-4-3478335-458196433_large_flex copy bagcraez_ps1_7

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