Mulberry Agenda Organiser

Here is my Mulberry Oak Agenda – the middle size of the now-defunct Mulberry organiser range. This is one of the most expensive organisers I own and it is definitely the most durable and the most beautiful. The oak Mulberry leather is designed to age quickly but the more battered it gets the most beautiful it looks. When you handle it the oils from your hands give it a gorgeous patina. I love it. My original quibble was that the inserts were very basic. But then I realised that so were Filofax’s – and Mulberry has gorgeous paper. I use a week on two pages with notepaper at the back.

They have now stopped making their range of organisers but for now a narrow range of refills exists. My guess is that when these dry up I will probably make my own or switch completely back to Filofax. Right now I have bought stacks of notepaper to last me ages!

I have used it constantly for four years. It doesn’t lay flat yet probably because my job means that travels so much with me, closed.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Is there a punch that matches these hole sizes? Was devastated when they changed their inserts and can no longer get page per day which is what I need for work. Emailed mulberry but they weren’t very helpful :(. Have stopped using it in protest lol 🙂

    1. The hole-punch I use is a Rapesco adjustable punch: 66-P. It does Mulberry agenda, Mulberry planner, filofax personal and filofax pocket. It doesn’t do filofax A5. It works absolutely fine with the Mulberry agenda though. I got mine from Amazon.
      Janet – I think that Mulberry are still makiing the inserts – their website had a bit of a wobble over the summer but things are there again now, so you should be able to get diary inserts.

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