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One of my favourite sites of all time is Etsy  – it is like Ebay for handicrafts.

If you do a search for Filofax on Etsy you will find inserts and dividers galore – pretty and practical and unusual. You can also find handbound and unique Filofax binders. If you buy one here it will be one of a kind!

This is what came up on a search today.

Among other things here is

I love Filofaxes but I believe that Filofax itself is ignoring its core market. Markets like Etsy and also Dawanda mean that you can find alternatives. The skill sets on Etsy mean that you can design and create almost anything. I have had books designed, restored, recovered and refilled on Etsy, by individuals who love their craft. Related to this is the wonderful bank of templates on Philofaxy designed by people who love and understand Filofax and its faithful followers. With that and a hole punch the world is your oyster! Maybe that will be the way to go?

Here is what came up when I did a search for leather ring binder – so you could buy some Filofax rings and have most of these binders custom made for a Filo. All you neeed is a set of rings.

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  1. Just wondering, where can you buy filofax rings? I haven’t googled yet but do you have a source? thanks!

  2. That is AWESOME! I kid you not; I just did this last week. I bookmarked a ton of Etsy shop owners that do planners/journals for future reference but you found a ton more than I did. Thank you for posting this. I do not have a blog or I would have done the same. I love Etsy as well, though I haven’t purchased too much yet but what I have purchased, has been wonderful. Great quality, lovely packaging by the crafters and speedy, no hassle delivery. I saw that lovely leather basketweave binder last week and also some of the tooled leather ones (I think I saw one with a celtic cross). Oh, they are just lovely. And, I never even thought about asking to have a 3 ring mechanism added because some of the cover I saw were journal covers but could easily be made into ringed planners. Good job@

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