Review – the ‘new’ Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

I wrote recently that Clinique Almost Lipstick in the shade Black Honey is now back in stock, after a  recent TikTok craze caused a buying frenzy. I have been using this shade of lipstick for – literally – decades. It has always been somewhat of a cult product because it suits everyone, no matter their skin tone. It is also rather light in shade and texture, giving colour and shine without a heavy coating or very deep colour. I have small lips so I can’t wear anything bright or very dark.

Clinique has discontinued this shade several times, but always brought it back due to popular demand.

I was not planning on buying any until my present Clarins lip colour is finished. However, as I walked past my local Clinique counter last week, I saw that they were having a ‘remodelling’ sale, to try and cut down on stock before the closed for refurbishment. Everything was at least 20% off and if you bought two items you received a free full-sized product plus a Clinique goodie bag. Naturally, I pounced. I bought some moisturising lotion and a Black Honey lipstick.

When I tried it, I found the formulation quite different from previously. Before, it was sheer with quite a gloss to it. The consistency on your lips was almost slippery, like a blend of gloss and a lipstick. Because of the gloss in it, it disappeared from your lips rather quickly. The one I have just bought is more dry and matt, more like a lip stain. And I much prefer it because it just darkens your lips without looking shiny. And it stays true far longer. I am not sure if they have reformulated it, or if it was just this batch that is nicely matt and stainy. But I recommend!

Clinique has always been one of my fall-back brands when I cannot decide what to use, or if my skin is misbehaving. Clinique products are simple, as is their packaging, and they have great gifts-with-purchase and promotions. As an all-round brand, they cannot be beaten. They do good mascaras, lipsticks, and their 3-step products are unbeatable. At one point they did fantastic haircare, though it was discontinued a number of years ago. I also used to love their Sunflowers perfume, though I don’t wear perfume anymore.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I am absolutely not into make up (too lazy!) but I remember your previous article on this lipstick and I looked on my Germany Amazon and that coloured was discontinued. I did find a colour that was really close to it (WHole Lotta Honey) and I got it and I just can’t believe how good it is and how pleasant too! Now I have to master not spreading it all over my teeth when I speak, especially when I teach (teenagers among others…).

      1. Thank you for the tip! I like very discreet lipstick. I wish I could pull off the bright red lipstick but I’m not quite there yet!…

      2. I tried once and not only did it make my lips look even smaller, but it wore off to a hieously garish purple that made people stare at me in the street!

  2. Like you, I regularly fall back into Clinique. I didn’t use it for a fair while, but it’s back in my routine now, with the DDML+ being a favourite. I have always loved Aromatics Elixir perfume, but I know it’s not to everyone’s taste so I avoid it on workdays. I like that you can buy it in sizes from 10ml to 100ml so you don’t feel you’re having to slog your way through an enormous bottle. I had Black Honey lip gloss/balm when it was in a little screw-top pot in their lovely eau de nil plastic.

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