Van Der Spek Undyed Leather Nomad in progress

I began discussing a new A5 Nomad cover with Petra just before Christmas. I drew the basic design I was wanting, and chose undyed leather as a first choice, with black Janet Leather as a second choice.

Petra (our beloved Superwoman) told me that she would be ordering undyed Janet leather and she thought it would be perfect for me, if I didn’t mind waiting. So, of course, I waited.

And last week the leather finally arrived! My Nomad is now under construction and I cannot wait to follow the rest of the process.

I am planning to record how this one wears and ages just as I did with my undyed ring organiser.

And here are the photographs and videos Petra has sent me thus far. I will keep you posted!

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  1. Wow!! I always love seeing the masterpieces coming out of Van der Spek when its your designs Janet! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your posts on how the leather ages!

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  2. I love JL leather but I really don’t like the other undyed they had. I found it too smooth and too shiny.
    I may give a go at the JL undyed sometimes once I’ve seen yours aging.

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