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  1. Thanks for this walk down memory lane. Used or had most of these toys or remember the advertisements for them. The nice thing is that, because I shared some of these from my childhood that I still had, my girls (10 and 8) have played with them as well and are familiar – which they find unusual when a friend says “What’s that?”

  2. Thank you for these memories, Janet!
    I have had and used most of those items and seeing them again brings back sweet memories of childhood.
    I don’t know where you find these “from the past” photos but I cherish them. It feels so good to see those long lost objects.
    Thank you!

  3. Holy cow, do I feel old, lol. I remember every one of these, and had most of them. I recall many creative hours spent with my Spirograph, View Master and my Magic Slate. So many toys now are just disposable junk, but these “fueled my fire”. I remember days walking through the supermarket with my mum, listening to her click the buttons on her Pocket Adder-still can’t figure that one out, but math is NOT my forte. One of my first cosmetics was the Kissing Potion–great flavors! The salt and pepper shakers were Tupperware, I believe, and sat on our dining table for years. I don’t recall the specific name of the paper game device you showed, but I recall many days of constructing one of these and playing with it (either alone or with friends) trying to answer some question of dire importance. Thanks for these memories, Janet. It’s been a tough, tough year and I’m grateful for the sweet recollections these photos brought.

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