What I am selling and where

Click on the links to go to the item that is for sale.

Kaplans Auction House



  • Other

Mulberry notebook with lock and key  SOLD
Mulberry Notebook with lock and key (to be listed)
Mulberry Pen case with lock and key SOLD
Parker pen SOLD




Judits Second Hand, Hornstull

      • approximately 20 silver rings
      • 8 necklaces


Update: Sunday 16 July 2016 – the next to be listed (on my blog tomorrow)

Happy hunting!










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4 replies

  1. Hi Janet – Some of the links do not work:

    For example when I click on the links under blocked the Marc Jacobs comes up for quite a few of them.

    If the compomaggi tote is available I am interested. Also the ring with the small heart – pending size (not sure of the size)

    I would pay for shipping but wondering if you would be willing to ship to Pennsylvania.

    I’m unsure if I translated the kr correctly approx .15us dollar to kr?

    I am wondering once the other links are fixed…. I may be interested in more!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

    Sue O’Mullan


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    • Hello there! The Marc Jacobs is the cover photo so just scroll through the pics for all the others! The Campomaggis sold this morning but because they are sooooo big and heavy it would be cheaper to buy in the US cos of the price of shipping. 1usd is about 80kr. Let me know which heart ring you mean and we can go from there. Happy to ship worldwide 🙂


  2. Wow, good luck with your sales!
    The Prince of Purple looks amazing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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