On the way – Strawberry Notebook stud bifold in personal size

As regular readers of my blog will know, my absolute favourite maker of traveler’s notebooks is Diane from Strawberry Notebook on Etsy. I have so many of her covers and I love them more than I can say.

What I particularly like about Diane’s covers is that the leather is really thick and durable, and also that her books often have more elastics than usual. Her wood and flooring covers are absolutely spectacular. Not only that but they don’t show any marks at all no matter how much they are tumbled around in your bag.

Diane has not had her Etsy shop open for a while (I know because I used to haunt here shop!), and I tend not to look in the Facebook sales groups much (too much temptation). But the other day I accidentally went into a sales group rather than a discussion group and there it was! A gorgeous stud bifold personal size TN in thick grainy leather with EIGHT elastics!

As soon as I saw it was one of Diane’s masterpieces I contacted her immediately and it will soon be on the way to me. Diane is a wonderful woman and her work is gorgeous. I have been in my 12-elastic cover since the day I got it last October 17th and it is just getting better and better!

I absolutely cannot wait!

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Author: Janet Carr

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3 thoughts

  1. Has a very nice rustic look to it……and seems like it’s a very stout leather from your description and pics…..

    Haven’t used a traveler’s notebook (yet….), but this is definitely tempting…..



    1. I love her leather! Traveler’s notebooks are nice as a flexible option for avid notebook users. Kind of a compromise between bound and loose-leaf! I have been using them a lot the past 6 months for work that cannot fit into rings.

      1. Thanks for your thoughts about this……

        On one hand, like the flexibility of this system, but what do you do with all the little booklets once they get filled up?…….put ’em in a drawer or box?

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