1980s Shark Filofax Winchester

The vintage 1980s sharkskin Filofax I won on eBay last week arrived today – less than a week after the auction ended. I am not sure any US parcel has made it home to Sweden so quickly before!

What a beautiful binder. It is 34 years old and the rings are tight as drums. It has been used and loved and so shows some superficial signs of wear but this skin has another 34 years left in it!

It is coarse in texture yet soft to the touch and shifts between brown and grey. Probably a combination of wear, time and the natural colouring of the skin. Like my other exotics, this skin will wear like iron.

I am not sure what kind of shark it is, but would not buy any shark product new, as certain species of shark are protected these days – particularly the Great White, which is pretty common in South Africa, where I am from. I am a firm believer that man is an intruder in their territory and that they should be protected from us. But vintage I am all right with, particularly as it is Filofax and I hope against hope that their practices have always been as ethical as possible – even in the eighties.

Below are photographs of the binder in different light, to give as comprehensive view as possible of this beauty. It was bought from a gift shop in New York City in the 1980s.

This was a wonderful transaction from start to finish. The seller allowed me to write an article about this binder the day it went up for sale and sent it to me blisteringly fast after I had won the auction. It was accurately described and the communication from this seller was fantastic.

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photo 3-4

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Very nice. I’ve owned one since the 1980s – was able to purchase it at cost from a Filofax sales rep who also sold our products. I’ve carried it with me every day since, though I no longer keep my appointments in a Filofax calendar. The only part of the planner that shows wear is the leather covering on the closure snap. Otherwise, it looks the same as the day it arrived. Enjoy your new find!

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