In Praise of Philofaxy


Philofaxy is a great source for all things binder-related. Some of the resources available are:

  • Printable diary inserts
  • Files (general inserts)
  • Adspot (buy and sell binders)
  • FAQ – paper sizes, ring sizes, leather care, hole spacing. You name it, it’s here!
  • Facebook Groups
  • Regular Skype Chats
  • Webfinds – all the binder-related blog posts from around the world, twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday).
  • Blog Awards
  • Links (to blogs, other planner systems, LinkedIn, Flickr)

When you meander round this site you can see the enormous amount of work that went into to it. I started reading Philofaxy in about 2007 when it was a blog by the original Philofaxer. He was hysterically funny and always seemed to have deep Filofax-related thoughts in the middle of the night. Slowly there were comments by the present Philofaxy contributors who later took over when the Philofaxer had his baby and then stopped contributing. Anita, Nan and Steve keep it going and growing. Steve has developed a conduit between us fans and Filofax so they are more tuned in to what we want and need. He also organises most of the bigger meets. Thank you guys! What would we do without you?


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

4 thoughts

  1. Nan used to post regularly a number of years ago. I sent her an e-mail years ago telling her about my Filofax usage or something! It is on my very ancient laptop and so far I have been unable to boot it. I found some startup disks that might do the trick but that is 50/50%. When I get a chance, I will try it. At the present time, mostly, Steve is the voice of Philofaxy – and an excellent voice he is. Thank you Steve for all the work and time you put into our enjoyment of Philofaxy and Filofaxes. Some people might find us a bit unusual, but we are a happy group and all use digital as well anyway (or most probably do!) 🙂

  2. Where would we all be without philofaxy? I know so much of my planner usage is derived from ideas I found on philofaxy and the constant flow of information is brilliant. I truly value this blog so highly. I would happily purchase a subscription if there was a pay model!

  3. I stumbled upon the site while looking for answers to a planner related question in the beginning of January. It fed an addiction I didn’t even realize I had and helped to get me so organized and define my “weird” paper obsession. I just ordered my first true Filofax last night (a Malden no less!) and am now browsing Philofaxy’s pages for inspiration while I impatiently wait for it in the mail. It’s an amazing amazing site I have to agree.

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