Filofax Collection Part 1

Here is part of my Filofax collection. How many of them can you name? There is one non-Filofax on the table. Which one is it and can you name the brand?

Please excuse the assorted paper and balls on the floor. My cats are indoor cats during the Swedish winter and I have to stimulate them while I am away at work all day. I put rustly tissue paper in boxes on the living room floor and leave mini-tennis balls lying around for them to chase. When I come home it’s a bomb site!
photo 1-4 photo 4-5 photo 5-4

Categories: Filofaxes and other ring organisers


3 replies

  1. Why does the ostrich have to be so pretty? Lol, it’s a beautiful collection. I’m glad you’ve managed to find so many special ones – and I love your mix of colours 🙂


  2. What a beautiful collection! Looks like you have two pink (cross) A5’s. Is that because you loved them so much or do they have different purposes? Is that an A5 orange original? Is the flap long enough? I’ve been eyeing the originals but the problem is, I love all of the colors! I see two Malden’s A5 in aqua and gray. Love the Maldens. Pretty personal ostrich. The zippered one is a Sienna (or is that the color)? I’ve been seeing a few of those. TFS


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