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Tina is back today with her third post for The Book Project!

The Book Project – It’s not really working out

So I am well into using my Filofax as my library aide memoire but actually it isn’t really aiding me at all.  Why is that I hear you cry! Well the whole idea of doing this project was that I would log the books I read into my Filofax and by doing so it would make me remember what I have read.  Well the first three books I read I added images and words to my Filofax pages but when I went to look at them again I did not feel that I had anymore idea about the author or the book name.  Action was required.

Looking back at my proposal I saw that I had said I would draw a picture for each book I read which would hopefully jolt my memory when I looked at the title in the Filofax, seems like I had forgotten this bit.  In my last post you would have seen the images I used for my Filofax pages and that I think is just where the problem lay, they were images not drawings.  They may have looked neat and slick but actually they were images that were so familiar to me that they had different memories rather than the books that I had attached them to.  

So back to the drawing board (quite literally!).

The two books that I have read this week are Drown by Junot Diaz and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman.

Image 1
Drown is a clever book.  Seeming like a set of short stories you soon realise that you will meet the characters again.  We are taken into the world of immigrant families who are working so hard to get better lives but who cannot really escape.  We experience child hood guilt, the world of an addict and the fear of throwing up in the back of a car.  Brutal sharp stories where love shines through.

Anansi Boys takes us into another world completely one of legend and old tales.  The song of a yellow bird resonates through the writing.  Anansi the trickster is a West African God, he takes on the guise of a spider but often appears as a man.  Fat Charlies father (Mr Nancy) has died whilst singing to a beautiful woman in a bar, he has to travel to Florida for the funeral.  In twists and turns he learns that he has a brother and that his father was the reincarnation of Anansi.  Charlie has no powers as they have all been given to his brother, a brother who can impersonate anyone so well that even Charlies girlfriend cannot tell the difference. This is a great book if you want to lose yourself in a world of twists and turns and for people who like a book with an ending!

So we will see whether my new system of drawing a picture will make me remember the books I have read on my Kindle.  Until next time!

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