Filofax Personal Buttercup Ostrich

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My journey to this one has been a long one. I come from ostrich country (i.e. the southern coast of South Africa) where you can visit the ostrich palaces, ride on ostriches, stand on ostrich eggs, watch ostrich races and buy ostrich products ranging from ostrich steaks to belts and handbags. Farmers in South Africa often use ostriches to guard their farms. You wouldn’t want to be kicked by one of them I have to say!

Anyway, ostrich is nice leather but not that exotic to me. Many of the ostrich skin that is sold is not very good but still overpriced. I do have a wonderful ostrich skin bag that I designed myself and had made in China. It is made of full-quill skin and lined in soft lambskin. See an article about it here.

NK in Stockholm had a pocket sized buttercup Filofax on their 70% off sale in the summer. You can see it front right in the photo below. The skins was very flat though and seemed…tired, somehow – maybe from being untouched and stored for so long.


I knew from Susanna that she loved her Personal sized Buttercup Ostrich so much that she could not bring herself to use anything else. When I met it during the mini-meet I fell completely and utterly in love. It was plump and smooshy yet bumpy and pebbly. The inside was almost entirely full-quill with a fantastic pocket constellation. I almost could not tear myself away from it. How could I have been so bleh about ostrich before?

As soon as I got home I did an internet search and found two stockists. They are not cheap as this is genuine full-quill ostrich (not embossed) leather, but both of these stockiest were offering 30% discount and free shipping. And one had ONE left for immediate delivery. I slept on it overnight and then bit the bullet.

And here is a reveal of Buttercup:

photo 1-13

photo 2-12
Beautiful felt covering
photo 3-10
First view

photo 4-8

photo 1-12
Back. Gorgeous quill!
photo 2-13
Front and back ring protectors are also the flap for pockets underneath. The binders are full quill inside and out
A nice number of credit card pockets and they are horizontal - just as I like them.
A nice number of credit card pockets and they are horizontal – just as I like them. The ring mechanism of this Filofaxes is replaceable. A new set just slides onto the baseplate, in the same way Gillio rings do. This binder opened perfectly flat, right out of the box
Together with my Red Lizard
Together with my Red Lizard Filofax

Hidden Pockets

This binder has some nice pockets which are not visible when you first look at it – two under the ring protectors and one on each edge.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. So beautiful! This has been my dream Filo for a few years. Someday I’m hoping to actually be able to FIND one available for purchase as that is my main problem, not so much the price but the availability. You are indeed one lucky lady! Enjoy!

  2. These are absolutely stunning.
    I had a dream once that I was working in Dubai for a very rich client, & he gave me one of these as payment for work done!
    I think it would be great if Filofax brought back some of the older models as I adore my Ascot (not quite in the same league as the Ostrich though).

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