I just love the colour of these two binders!

They are an A5 size blue Moongazing Hare and a pocket size purple and pink Moth binder from Cordwain Higgler. Aren’t the colours STUNNING?

photo 1-3 copy 6




photo 1-2 copy 3

photo 1-1 copy 2

photo 1 copy 3

photo 2 copy 3

photo 5 copy

photo 4-2 copy 6

photo 1-4 copy

photo 5-2 copy 4


Cordwain Higgler is a family business, run by Guy and Pat Mather. We are based in East Sussex, close to the coast and the beautiful South Downs behind us. We make a range of unique hand made leather goods, both ‘off the shelf’ as well as bespoke. Our goods have a strong, nature, folklore and historic influence born from a background in history, art and archaeology. These elements have been drawn together to form Cordwain Higgler.

All items are made using the best traditional and natural materials available. Our leather comes from Britains last oak bark tannery. We use natural fibre threads. Fittings are made to last, for instance, solid brass, not plate, to prevent rusting.

Designs are made to our own pattern and applied by hand. We have dies (stamps) made for us exclusively. Each item is hand dyed and finished with our own beeswax polish made from wax from hives around the Beachy Head area.

Our aim is to provide quality English craft items in a world of mass production. we hope it would be extremely unlikely that you will come across anyone else with an identical item. The unique qualiities of leather means that it improves with age and becomes a more personal item.

“The pride in our work comes from knowing that our goods will last, and the owners, we hope, become more attached to them as time goes by”


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6 replies

  1. They do nice, lasting craftmanship and as you mentioned, in fascinating colors.
    By the way, have you looked up this side yet : luxusolymp.de. I think they do a very nice job too and I have a couple binders and diaries from them and they are really beautiful. I could imagine that you would also like what you see on their site.


  2. Hi I think this is really cute. how much is it?


  3. Could you take a picture of the interior of a personal? Thanks.


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