VDS Undyed Binder Project: Week 3

As Sweden gets darker and darker it becomes more difficult to get good pictures of this baby, but these are pretty accurate, albeit not very bright.

The binder now has more scratches on it (either from cats or the keys in my bag) but they will soon blend into the surface of the leather. It got wet several times yesterday but the wet spots just disappear – rather strange as they look like giant brown smears to start with. My wet binder was against my newspaper in my bag yesterday, and the ink smudged onto the binder but disappeared like magic when I wiped the binder with a baby wipe. So a gentle wipe will remove most stains.

I am going to put some leather conditioner on the inside of the strap to see if the leather darkens or changes in texture afterwards.

One thing about this binder – people comment on it, which they seldom do about any of my other ones. I am not sure whether it is the fact that it is so perfect for use as a wallet or because it is such an unusual leather.

The only real marks are on the flyleaf – the credit cards and rings pressing on it have made quite noticeable marks.

I will do another blog post about my setup but the 30mm rings hold a lot. At the moment I have

  • the whole of 2014 in week on two pages vertical (for tax and final invoicing for 2014),
  • the whole of 2015 in week on two pages vertical (for bookings for next year),
  • the whole of 2015 in standard week on two pages (for birthdays, to dos, business trips),
  • three packs of notepaper,
  • 2 fold out maps,
  • 1 mini atlas,
  • 4 clear plastic pockets
  • 3 clear plastic credit card pocket pages.
Week 1


photo 3
Last night
Last night

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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Please tell me more about it! I love natural leather – I love how it oxidizes with time and age, and the natural oils from handling it. I have an old natural personal size Lefax and now it looks like beautiful cognac, with such a stunning patina and gliss. 🙂

  2. Its turning out such a lovely color. I want to see the inside. I can’t believe it holds all that stuff….got to see it. Please post or YouTube would be better.

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