Filofax Charms


I am not a girly frilly type and I never have been. I am terrible at interior decorating and my belongings are generally plain and simple. Even my handbags are seldom flashy or very detailed. I don’t use stickers or washi (unless it is to mark or a whole day in my calendar or to cover up dates so I can use calendar pages for notes) and I don’t decorate my Filofax. I throw pages away as soon as I have finished with them. I never saw the point of Filofax charms because my binder is a workhorse, carried with me all day every day, and I figured a charm would get in the way or damage the rings.

But then I saw a ladybird charm by My Planner Addiction on Etsy and fell in love – well it was a ladybug, how could I not?


I loved it when I got it, put it on the rings and then thought it may damage the rings if it got caught on something in my handbag and pulled them out of shape. So I put it on my keyring for a few days. Then put it back on my rings. And I have fallen in love with it. I tend to play with it while working and it helps me concentrate. I like looking at it. It gives a fun edge to my workaday binder. To be honest, I cannot imagine my binder without it!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I, like you, prefer to keep my Filofax binders plain. There is nothing wrong with either way – fancy or plain – but I am just not one for “fancy” pages. The ladybug charm is super! It must live there as long as it doesn’t harm your rings!

    1. Steve I had a huge laugh when I realized what I had said – thank you! It was almost a pity to change it! Autocorrect always changes washi to wash – it even tried to do it in this comment… – it should learn more about stickers and tape!

  2. I am exactly the same way. I generally tend toward the charms of minimalism, but I guess that really just makes a little splash of sparkle stand out all the more, doesn’t it?

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