Filofax mini-meet in London

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Photo used with the permission of Paula from Roses in December. Me on the left and Christa on the right. My A5 Gillio is peeping out of my bag in this shot. I also took my Personal Ebony Deco

I was so happy to be in London at the same time as a mini-meet was happening. At noon on Saturday 20th July, I met Paula from Roses in December and Christa from Organised Heaven at Vapianos just off Oxford Street. Vapianos have a really nice ordering system which allows you to be billed and paid individually so it is perfect for large groups and meet-ups. The food is also lovely – Paula and I had pizza and Christa had pasta (which looked and smelled delicious). There are quite a few Vapianos in Stockholm but I have never eaten there – after my experience in London I will definitely visit one soon.

It was so nice to put faces to the names and chat about Filofaxes. Paula brought a personal pink Classic and Christa brought an A5 pink Classic. I felt them (the Filofaxes that is) and squeezed them and the leather was so soft and smooth yet slightly puffy and hardy. I don’t have any Classics but I have always wanted one – ever since I just missed out on a cream one on sale a few years ago. Both of them had their Filofaxes beautifully decorated and organized. Each of us at some stage in the meeting opened up our binders and made notes – it was nice to see because the people I usually spend time with don’t do that and often tease me about my lists and notes. I saw my first ever washi tape and could ask some questions about how to use it. Paula had a brilliant way of using an envelope to hold papers and receipts which I am going to try that soon. My Filofax is always very plain so it was inspiring for me to see Filofaxes that are so pretty as well as functional. I am one of those people who can recognise beautiful things but not create them but I have been so inspired after seeing Paula’s and Christa’s beautiful dividers and stamped inserts that I may try and make some myself.

After lunch we walked to the Filofax Shop in Conduit Street where we spent a while browsing. I normally like going straight into a shop, finding what I want, paying for it and leaving. I am not a browser – unless it is Filofaxes and then I like to spend ages just looking. We each bought something and Paula and I picked up their catalogue which is very nicely written this year – they have a nice fold-out chart at the back showing prices, colours, sizes and so on. The nice thing about this shop is that it is all about Filofaxes – so everyone in there has Filofax on their minds one way or another. I liked watching the other foreign visitors trying to choose between different models and asking other customers what they thought. Each customer was really keen and helpful about which ones they would choose.

Christa (left) and Paula (right). Both had spotty bags which I fell in love with.
Christa (left) and Paula (right) deep in Filo-conversation. Both had spotty bags which I fell in love with.


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