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We went to IKEA Kungens Kurva in Stockholm today. It used to be the biggest IKEA in the world, but it has now dropped to third place. We bought a new sofa cover and some curtains. We normally buy more than we intend but today we went straight in and out.

These flowers outside our apartment were beautiful. I always love the autumn colours.

I found these little Wade figurines for my family in South Africa, who collect them.

I saw this, and smiled. It took me a full minute to realise that it was actually true.

And we passed a food market that had mushroom farms. I had never seen a mushroom farm in real life before.

These bicycle racks have always confused me. Do you lift your bicycle up to the top one if there is no room on the bottom, I wonder…

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. No comment on the other stuff (well, aside from the beautiful plant outside your apartment!), but it looks like maybe the second level bike racks pull out/down? There’s red handles on the racks and they’re individually racked, so maybe a lever type thing going on?

    Really ingenious way to have more bikes in one area! Makes me think back to university at a sprawling, enormous campus in the midwest, and outside the dorms were just hundreds of bikes on enormously long racks. I’d have anxiety nightmares that I’d lose my bike in a never-ending line/pileup of bikes. And then of course I’d forget my combination lock code in the dream as well… I do not miss that experience.

      1. Ooh! I’m curious! Do let us know if you figure it out!

        It’s so fascinating how thanks to the internet I am invested in how bike racks work in a country I will probably never visit (which is a bummer – Norway is priority for the Scandi countries once I can travel again).

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