Vintage household wares

As regular readers know, I love scratching around charity shops, second hand shops, and consignment shops for jewellery. So much glorious silver jewellery ends up as sad grey lumps at the bottom of a bargain bin, when all it needs is a dip and polish to make it beautiful.

Since we moved I have also started scratching in the household items section and have found some real beauties

My latest passion is finding glass sundae bowls – I think that is what they are – for candy. These two are my latest finds. They cost about $2 each.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

One thought

  1. They are very nice, Janet!
    I have very similar ones that I got from my grandparents. I use them to put candles or pot-pourri. I don’t eat enough sweets -maybe one or two a week if so- to display them in the house. Moreover I don’t think leaving sweets in the open air is a good idea as they dry, oxidise and get dust. That’s the reason why sweet boxes always have a lead.

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