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CarrotBox Ring Blog

CarrotBox is the best ring blog I have ever discovered. She makes at least one post every day and her quality and eye are impeccable. In addition there is a shop where you can buy beautiful rings.


I have two watches I tend to wear. The big one is practical and the small one is sentimental. This small one was given to me by my grandmother when I was about seven years old. She had picked it… Read More ›

Nomination Charm Bracelets

I love charm bracelets and have written about my various types of charms here: Thomas Sabo Reminiscence Nomination Tiffany Kidz Today I am writing about my favourite charms again – Nomination 🙂 I like Nomination charms because they are sleek… Read More ›

My Mystic Topaz

People who know me will recognise these semi-precious stones as they are my favorite – mystic topaz. I often wear mine. They are also called fire topaz or rainbow topaz. They are created by applying a coating of titanium to… Read More ›

Green Quartz

Another semi-precious stone that is very pretty and not expensive is Green Quartz These two bracelets I bought from Etsy. My favourite is the one with the flower shape but every time I try to sell the other one I… Read More ›

General Mystic Topaz

In the previous post I featured mystic topaz jewellery I own. In this post I will feature mystic topaz jewellery I would like to own! As I mentioned in the previous post, mystic topaz is created by coating colourless topaz… Read More ›