Words that remain in Swedish

Most common is that the following words remain in Swedish when used in English. Riksdagen Riksbanken krona kronor An example would be The Swedish Riksdag voted today in favour of abolishing the congestion charge of 65SEK, imposed on motorists when entering or leaving… Read More ›

Make and Do

Do We use the verb ‘do’ when someone performs an action, activity or task. do a crossword  do the ironing do the laundrt do the washing do the washing up ‘Do’ is often used when referring to work of any… Read More ›


The word `data’, in English, is a singular mass noun. It is thus a grammatical and stylistic error to use it as a plural. So for example: Data is being compiled at the moment Data was lost when the computer… Read More ›


Grammarly is a Facebook page I absolutely adore. It is a funny and very accurate page about grammar. If you click the like button you will get updates from them every time they add a new post. You will learn… Read More ›