Beauty Products


I had been reading about Astalift for a while and when I was in London I gave it a whirl. This is the number 1 beauty product in Japan and, interestingly, is made by Fujifilm! From the website: ‘Astalift is… Read More ›

Chanel Taboo

My new Chanel shade – Taboo. It is a limited edition and not easy to get hold of. These two come from the US. A very deep vampy shade with sparkly shifts. I love it!

Xerjoff Fiore d’Ulivo

Xerjoff Fiore d’Ulivo Description Springtime in the Mediterranean lands, where the olive trees bloom for just a few days every year. This treasured scent is at the core of Fiore d’Ulivo. Fresh citrus and lotus flower notes surround the gentle… Read More ›