S African Boerboels

Billabong Boerboels

The wonderful Sandra Mullaly from Billabong Boerboels sent me photos of some of her lovely Boerboels. Sandra  is a K9 behavioural trainer- specialising in puppy behaviour and training aggressive dogs (and their owners). She is a breeder of considerable experience which includes… Read More ›

RIP Dandaloo Mack

Mack is a giant of a dog and one of the most impressive Boerboels in the world today.  Despite Mack’s size, he moves lightly with a spring in his step although at times weighing up to 87kgs, this is an… Read More ›


 Origin: South Africa Group: Molossoid Breeds Height: 23-28 in Weight: 154-200 pounds Grooming: Low Shedding: Medium Coat: Short straight coat Color: Brindle or fawn with a dark mask Ease of training: Medium Energy level: Medium Span of life: 9-11 years…. Read More ›