S African Boerboels

Nala the Boerboel

Today I have some photos for you of Nala the beautiful 7 month old Boerboel from Borås in Sweden. My favourite is the one where she is basking in the sun after a long hard winter. I do that every… Read More ›

South African Boerboels

South African Boerboel The South African Boerboel is an extra large Mastiff breed. At 23-28 inches tall and weighing in at 110-200 Lbs, these dogs have short, low maintenance coats that come in various shades of red and brown, fawn, white,… Read More ›

Black Boerboels

Talking about black Boerboels (BBBs) is like bringing up the subject of  last wills and testaments, abortion or religion round the table at Sunday lunchtime. Always ends in a fight. Very controversial. Can split families forevermore. I’m South African. Know… Read More ›