Origin: South Africa Group: Molossoid Breeds Height: 23-28 in Weight: 154-200 pounds Grooming: Low Shedding: Medium Coat: Short straight coat Color: Brindle or fawn with a dark mask Ease of training: Medium Energy level: Medium Span of life: 9-11 years…. Read More ›

Boerboel Puppies

My love of the South African Mastiff breed, the Boerboel is well-known. I have loved these gentle giants all my life – they are magnificent as adults but as puppies they just steal your heart. My feeling is that once… Read More ›

Camel Spiders

Talk of spiders came up in class yesterday and I mentioned that the one thing I am terrified of is a Camel Spider. I have been chased by one and it is not fun. Just thank your lucky stars you… Read More ›

Odi the Mastiff

Here is my friend Janine with Odi who is 104kg and still growing. He is stunning! How can you not love these dogs?  Owned by Michelle Myles who has a site here. Specially glad to add her site as she… Read More ›