Black Boerboels

Talking about black Boerboels (BBBs) is like bringing up the subject of  last wills and testaments, abortion or religion round the table at Sunday lunchtime. Always ends in a fight. Very controversial. Can split families forevermore. I’m South African. Know… Read More ›

Boerboel Index

My posts about Boerboels are some of the most popular on my blog, so I thought I would make an index of my posts so you can easily find what you are looking for Video of 89kg Zero eating a goat… Read More ›

Billabong Boerboels

The wonderful Sandra Mullaly from Billabong Boerboels sent me photos of some of her lovely Boerboels. Sandra  is a K9 behavioural trainer- specialising in puppy behaviour and training aggressive dogs (and their owners). She is a breeder of considerable experience which includes… Read More ›

RIP Dandaloo Mack

Mack is a giant of a dog and one of the most impressive Boerboels in the world today.  Despite Mack’s size, he moves lightly with a spring in his step although at times weighing up to 87kgs, this is an… Read More ›