Cute Boerboel Pictures

All these photographs were taken by Yvonne du Randt of Linga-Longa Boerboels. These were part of a feature I did on Yvonne’s dogs but I thought I would gather the cutest ones together – isn’t she a talented photographer? Yvonne… Read More ›

Unusual Animal – Tarsier

Tarsiers are primates (a group including lemurs, monkeys, apes and humans) found only in the islands of Southeast Asia. There is debate among scientists over how many types of Tarsier exist and whether there are more yet to be described. Most recently… Read More ›

Boerboels and Cats

The animals above and below belong to Jen Jenkins Pennington, who says: Shango the Boerboel had just turned a year in that picture and Milo the kitten was about 6 months. Milo is full of personality and actually came over and… Read More ›