FAQs about Boerboels

What is a Boerboel? Can same sex Boerboels live together? Are Boerboels Dangerous? What did the original Boerboel look like? For a complete index of all my Boerboel posts, click here The photos below belong to Coomore Boerboels – visit this… Read More ›

Beautiful Boerboels

These beauties belong to my cousin Mandy Newman-Wakeham. She has a house full of Boerboels and often has lots of puppies as well. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? She also loves her furry family with her whole heart and if… Read More ›

Nala the Boerboel

Today I have some photos for you of Nala the beautiful 7 month old Boerboel from BorĂ„s in Sweden. My favourite is the one where she is basking in the sun after a long hard winter. I do that every… Read More ›