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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Watches

    I have two watches I tend to wear. The big one is practical and the small one is sentimental. This small one was given to me by my grandmother when I was about seven years old. She had picked it… Read More ›

  • Plannerisms

    My favourite Filofax site is Philofaxy. My favourite planner site is Plannerisms. I have had it on my bookmarks and favourites lists on three successive computers and that is a huge complement. Plannerisms does feature Filofaxes but the bulk of… Read More ›

  • Starting and ending letters and emails

    The beginning of your letter is called the greeting and the end is called the salutation. So if you would like more help from the internet, a search on ‘greetings and salutations’ should give you lots to go on. Formal… Read More ›

  • Etsy Binders Part 2

    Yesterday’s post on Akiko from kikosattic on Etsy was very popular so today I thought I would update with on a selection of organiser binders she has sold recently. They are all absolutely stunning and I have asked her to… Read More ›

  • FOTD #6 – A5 Brown Kendal

    These are some very candid shots of my worn brown Kendal. This is one of my very favourite Filofaxes – it is made of heavy, thick, good quality leather which withstands a royal battering and comes up smiling. Most scuffs… Read More ›

  • Nomination Charm Bracelets

    I love charm bracelets and have written about my various types of charms here: Thomas Sabo Reminiscence Nomination Tiffany Kidz Today I am writing about my favourite charms again – Nomination 🙂 I like Nomination charms because they are sleek… Read More ›

  • My Mystic Topaz

    People who know me will recognise these semi-precious stones as they are my favorite – mystic topaz. I often wear mine. They are also called fire topaz or rainbow topaz. They are created by applying a coating of titanium to… Read More ›