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Secret Wood Turtles!

I have written several times about Secret Wood’s resin and wood rings. Here is my Azure Falls ring which is absolutely stunning and like nothing I have ever owned before. Secret Wood are now doing TURTLES, with interchangeable shells. The… Read More ›

Secret Wood rings

I really love Secret Wood rings, and their website is one of my most frequently visited. I enjoy wandering around the site because these rings are so detailed and unusual, plus the ones with snow glow in the dark! These… Read More ›

Look at this altered book!

Altered BOOK, Secret POISON STORAGE. Original book cover from 1600. Intact book clasp. Pages bonded into a solid block & cut. 11 drawers & 1 open compartment. Silver & Stained wood details. Latin poison labels (Rhicinus, datura, belladonna, valerian, etc.)…. Read More ›

History of the Boerboel

The Boerboel as a breed fell into obscurity during the last decades of the 20th century. It might have disappeared completely had not the lovers of the breed undertaken to classify, record and register everything about the breed. This was… Read More ›