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Filofax A5 Tan Belmont

The Belmont has long been one of my favorite Filofax binders. They do not have stiffening, are made of the most beautiful thick, flexible saddle-type leather with distinctive, classy stitching. They wear extremely well. I have the complete collection but… Read More ›

Belmont Family

I love my Belmont family! I had two Personals for several years, then I donated one of them to Laurie to use for the Comparison Project. She loved it so much that she sourced and  bought an A5. They are… Read More ›

A5 Brown Belmont

As mentioned several times previously, I love my Personal Brown Belmont. I bought two when they were discontinued and consider the leather some of the best that Filofax has ever used. It is gorgeous leather which takes a beating and… Read More ›