I hit the Michael Connelly motherlode and created a reading list

I found all of these Michael Connelly books at one charity shop over two trips. The pile on the left consists of the ones I have read, and the ones on the right are still to be read. I wonder if they all came from the same owner? The white cupbaord was made as a medicine cabinet by my German grandfather in 1926, and has followed me to live in several countries since 1980.

I made a rudimentary reading list for these books in my ring planner. Clear circles denote the books I have, and filled-in circles denotes the ones I have read. I know there are proper ‘reading’ list’ inserts out there but this has worked perfectly for me so far. Because the Bosch universe (like the Harry Potter one) ages and changes over the course of the books, it is nice to read them in some sort of chronological order. Up until now, I have been reading in no particular order.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Michael has this great list on his website:


    Worth grabbing and printing off.

    I’ve read all of the books once, a couple of them twice. The first one is a bit slow, but after that they improve. There was one that I thought the ending was a little rushed but generally they are all well paced all the way through.

    The TV series Bosch, Bosch Legacy and Lincoln Lawyer are all worth watching, a slight deviation from the books they are based on but otherwise very good.


    1. I haven’t seen Bosch, but I’m currently catching up on season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer and I’m enjoying it a lot! Are all his books about lawyers or do they take place in different contexts? Thank you for the link with the list of books!

      1. Bosch is a police officer and so is Ballard. Some of the books feature both Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch, but the two series are owned by different streaming services so Ballard and Haller cannot appear together.

      2. This is good to know. Now I want to read Michael Connelly’s books! I will also try and watch Bosch, which I haven’t done yet. That should keep me very busy!

  2. I’ve been catching up on the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, which is very good! Right now, I’m on a Lee Child quest and I’m reading all the Jack Reacher books I can get and I love them! I also make lists of book collections I need to have and read but they are mostly manga collections. I like the system of circles you use. It’s very Bujo-esque! Because manga books don’t have separate titles and just numbers, I just write a list of numbers and I cross them out as I get them. Reading them is a different story as I’m learning Japanese and it’s VERY slow going but the manga keep me motivated!

    1. I much prefer Michael Connelly to Lee Child. I gave up on one of his books at half way. Just too slow and boring for my liking. It takes Lee Child half a chapter to tell you the character opened the door and entered the house!!

      1. Oh wow! I picked up a (free!) Lee Child book a little while back, and I couldn’t stop reading!… I will have to try Michael Connelly although it might be too exciting for me!!! 😉

      2. I have read three Jack Reacher novels so far and really enjoyed them. Easy to read on a plane. I have a couple more to go but at the moment I am in the grip of Harry Bosch. I also love the Ian Rankin Rebus character.

  3. His books are great and he’s the loveliest man. I met him at a book signing when he came to the UK. I was the last person in the queue to get my book signed and he spent ages chatting to me.

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