Why is conditioner often smaller than shampoo?


…. no matter how long or how short your hair is, you will need more conditioner than shampoo. Unless your hair is so oily you cannot use conditioner, but surely that is very rare? I would imagine that in almost all cases conditioner bottle should be larger than the shampoo bottle. Or is it just me and my mop of hair thinking that way?

I wash my hair once or twice a week. I use perhaps one tablespoon of shampoo each time, shared over a lather – rinse – repeat cycle. But conditioner I use about four tablespoons each time. In addition I condition my hair almost every single day so I go through about ten times as much conditioner as shampoo.




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Another dissenter here, I’m afraid. I don’t use conditioner at all. My fine, straight hair is usually buzz-cut to about 3cm all over. The end of each hair is gone before it gets a chance to dry out. When I let it get a little longer (still short, but perhaps up to 5 or 6cm) conditioner still isn’t needed and, if applied on a rare trip to the hair salon, makes my hair feel worse instead of better.

  2. i quit using conditioners for my dry hair years ago … dry oil and some leave-in conditioner are at least better …

  3. It’s often because the instructions say to wash twice before conditioning, regardless of how it’s actually used.

  4. I have very oily, fine hair. I have to wash it daily in the summer. Occasionally I can skip a day in winter, say, at the weekend. I condition almost never. Don’t even buy the stuff more often than once a year at most. I cannot even imagine using only conditioner!! 🙂

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