Adjusting the size of your ring

I have had a couple of emails from people whose fingers shrink and swell from day to day, meaning their rings are either too tight or too loose. I have fingers like that and I have the little device below on several of my rings. You don’t feel it at all and you never have to worry about your ring getting stuck or falling off. It adjusts to your finger as it swells or shrinks. I have them added by a local jeweller.

You can also have the adjustments below made, although these are more permanent and have to be removed by a jeweller. Some rings – particularly tose with stones on the band – cannot safely be resized, so these can be good solutions.

I once bought a ring with speed bumps on an auction and they were pretty easily removed by my local goldsmith. They were actually not uncomfortable. One good thing is they stop a ring from sliding around your finger, particularly if you have a big solitaire ring where the weight causes the ring to fall to the side.

You can also find hinged rings for arthritic fingers, or fingers with large joints. My local jeweller calls them ‘click rings’ and can turn most rings into click rings to enable you to continue wearing them.

I have tried ring noodles in the past and they worked well, but I was always bothered by the hygiene aspect of them. I imagined all kinds of gunk getting in to them. They are pretty cheap though so you can use a new one every week if you wish. You can buy them in different widths, but they are not available for very broad bands.

I have not tried the following two options, but they sound VERY interesting. With both Ring Shrinker and Dip size, you can create dots or bands on your ring to make them smaller. I am not sure how durable it is, and I imagine you have to be careful not to get them too wet, but it sounds like an option if you have a favourite ring you cannot use.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. About 30 years ago I inherited many of my grandma’s rings when she passed away and unfortunately most if them were too big for my very thin fingers. I had those ring adjusters put on all the rings by a jeweller and they fit nicely. The only downside is the soap that gathers in the system and I need to clean my rings very often so bacteria don’t develop in the adjusters.

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