My Classics: Bras

Buying bras is a pain for me. I have a 70H/32H bra size so I cannot buy bras in regular stores, and the bras I do buy cost a fortune. I do have a favourite bra shop though, where they can see you with clothes on and know exactly what size you are. My favourite brand is Primadonna, and my favourite models are the Madison and Deauville. They look good (very important. Big bras are often hideous), are comfy and last for ages. They are made for larger busts and really take a load off your back. They are expensive though, so I tend to buy on sales.  I generally have

  • one black, one red, and one dark seasonal colour like deep purple or navy blue, for wearing under dark colours
  • one ivory, one latte, and one pale seasonal colour like pale blue or pink, for wearing under light colours

I use the handwash option on my washing machine and hang to dry. Bras tend to last me a year or more, even though I probably wash them more often than I should (after each wear).  I need good bras to look good in clothes. I also need them to avoid backache, strapache and a sore neck. So I invest in the best ones I can afford. I strongly recommend being properly fitted because most people wear the wrong bra size. One you have been fitted and bought a bra you like, you can then scour the internet for cheaper deals.

Primadonna Madison Bras

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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