SmartStore Compact Clear Storage Boxes

After I posted the above photograph of my handbags, I received three questions about the storage boxes. They are called SmartStore Compact Clear, and you can get them at supermarkets and home stores in Sweden. I checked Amazon and they seem to have them there as well, so they – or similar – must be widely available internationally.

These storage boxes come in at least five sizes which all fit into each other, so you can add ‘layers’ to the boxes. You can also buy matching lids for them.

We must have at least twenty of these in various sizes around the house holding:

  • fruit and vegetables in the fridge
  • cleaning supplies
  • clothespegs
  • laundry bags for my delicates
  • washing powder and softener
  • office supplies
  • chargers
  • batteries and torches
  • all my toiletries
  • my hair accessories
  • my vitamins (kept in a dark place in the cupboard
  • coffee capsules
  • sachets of wet cat food

Below you can see some of my beauty products in these clear boxes. I have three at the front of the closet (from left to right body products, face products and hair products). Behind these are four more:

  • empty travel containers and mini products for travelling
  • hair ties and accessories
  • vitamins and first aid
  • spares (I stock up on my favourite products when they are on sale.
  • nail products (file, polish, remover, strengthener, manicure set, cotton pads. I can just take the little container to wherever I am doing my nails.
I have a lot of beauty products but I use them all. You can see at least three bottles in this photo that are upside down, ensuring I get to the last drop!

I really like these boxes because they are easily washable and you can repurpose them for so many different things.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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