Interesting facts

Gargoyles have to have a water spout to be classed as gargoyles? They literally gargle. If they don’t have a water spout they’re called grotesques.

  1. The scientific name for Gorillas is Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla
  2. If you are allergic to shellfish, you are also allergic to cockroaches
  3. If you write -2-2=x with a pencil it sounds like the tune of chim-chimney from Mary Poppins
  4. Lemons have more sugar in them than strawberries
  5. Ants fall to the right when they die naturally
  6. The dot above an “i” is called a tittle
  7. Hippos produce pink milk!
  8. Kalsarikännit is Finnish and means: getting drunk at home alone in your underwear
  9. At some point in your life your mother put you down and never picked you back up again
  10. Strawberries are not berries, but bananas are
  11. Techncally there are only 2.4 miles between Russia and the US
  12. Gnurr is the debris (tissue, fabric, pieces of paper) that are often found in your pockets
  13. There are two groups of people in the world who have entirely unique DNA markers compared to all other people. One is from the islands near the Philippines, and the other is the Ojibwe people of eastern North America
  14. Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets
  15. The big plate underneath a smaller plate on a table setting is called a charger
  16. Flies hum in the key of F
  17. If you stare at each other’s elbows, you will have a perfect high five every time
  18. The unicorn is Scotland’s national animal
  19. A narwhal’s horn is actually a tooth
  20. The average cloud holds a weight of 1.1 MILLION POUNDS
  21. A whale penis is called a Dork.
  22. Each silk on an ear of corn leads to a diffetent kernel
  23. Sailors used to make aprons from whale foreskins…
  24. Airplane windows are 15 inches because the humans average shoulder width is 18 so in the event of a window popping out and the winds force would make a human plug
  25. Over 1 million Earths would fit in the Sun
  26. Butterflies taste with their feet
  27. A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time: 1/100th of a second
  28. There are 3 countries that Olympic Games were held that no longer exist
  29. If you could drive your car upwards, you’d be in space in less than an hour
  30. The medical term for writers cramp is graphospasm
  31. It’s illegal in many countries to perform surgery on an octopus without anesthesia due to their intelligence
  32. The hashtag # is called an octothorp
  33. France is the country with the most time zones
  34. The “AR” in “AR-15” does NOT stand for “Automatic Rifle”. It stands for “Armalite Rifle”. The original manufacturer of that gun was a company called Armalite.
  35. 2 x 12 = 144 and if you flip each number it still works meaning 21 x 21 = 441
  36. Your brain is the only part of your body that named itself.
  37. Disney buys the second largest amount of explosives in the United States. The US military buys the most
  38. Mangoes have noses
  39. There are more people on Facebook today than there were on earth 200 years ago
  40. Never Odd Or Even is a palindrome
  41. The sun is actually white
  42. A snake can see through its eyelids
  43. Every Tweet Americans send is archived by the Library of Congress
  44. The Anglo-Zanzibar war of 1896 lasted 38 minutes
  45. Elvis was naturally blonde
  46. You cannot breathe and swallow at the same time
  47. Donald Trump is called the 45th President of the United States but he is actually the 44th because Grover Cleveland was counted twice when he was elected for two terms
  48. Humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas
  49. The longest attack of the hiccups lasted 68 years
  50. Horses cannot vomit
  51. Harry S. Truman’s middle name was S
  52. Bees are born fully grown
  53. Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale
  54. The offspring of a sheep and a goat is called a geep
  55. A group of geese on the ground is called a gaggle. A group of gees in the air is called a skein
  56. Plants can run a fever if they are sick
  57. A chicken is the closest living relative of the tyrannosaurus rex
  58. Goats have rectangular pupils
  59. A twit is the technical term for a pregnant goldfish
  60. The ZIP in zip code stands for Zone Improvement Plan
  61. The deepest spot in the ocean is seven miles deep
  62. Way is the most frequently used noun in English
  63. The Statue of Liberty has seven points in her crown – one for each continent
  64. It took Leonardo da Vinci 12 years to paint the Mona Lisa
  65. David Rice Atchison was the President of the United States for one day
  66. China has only one time zone
  67. The number of times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds plus 37 will give you the current air temperature
  68. Before 1687 clocks were made with only an hour hand
  69. The blue whale’s heart is the size of a small car
  70. There are seven letters in our alphabet that look the same upside down as right side up
  71. A rainbow can only be seen in the morning or late afternoon
  72. Dragonflies have 6 legs but cannot walk
  73. The largest fish is the whale shark. It can be over 50 feet long and weigh two tons
  74. The life of a taste bud is about 10 days
  75. The average smell weighs 760 nanograms
  76. A bullfrog never sleeps


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  1. And one more: Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.

  2. 64 – I’m sure Cammel Lairds (ship builders) built and painted their version of the Mona Lisa a lot faster… it was a ship that bought bananas from the West Indies !

    Hence the Merseyside question and answer to ‘Who painted the Mona Lisa’? Answer Camel Lairds is accepted!

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