Why does no one wear brooches anymore?

My mother used to wear brooches, hat pins, scarf holders, and cardigan clips (to hold the edge of your cardigan together)….

….. but now those have fallen by the wayside. I think they are rather nice, all of them. They are jewellery of a different kind and can add so much to an outfit.

I really wish brooches were back in style. I should try and wear one every day, just to celebrate them! The British royal family usually wear them to events and they always look nice. It is surprising that they are no longer in vogue. I wonder why that is?

I have this antique Bakelite teacher’s brooch that I love to wear on my jacket. I also have an antique tie pin that I like to wear on suit jackets, on the rare occasion I wear a suit.

You can also wear a brooch on a coat, on the pocket of a jacket, on the sleeve of a jumper for a bracelet effect, on the waistband of trousers or a skirt, on a hat, on a canvas bag. And they are easy to find in thrift, antique or consignment shops, and usually cheap.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1.  Janet,As a former elementary teacher I used to wear brooches or pins (as we Yanks call them.I still have a bunch of them. Students used to give them as gifts as well.  I also have used them on the outside of felted bags I usedto make.  Hum… maybe you are a trendsetter and can bring them back with yourvast following.  I think they add a nice touch.  I always love the things that you share and write about.

  2. I love brooches – the bigger and chunkier the better! I have just had a very happy browse on Etsy for some charm ones, and found a lovely fountain pen one which might have fallen into my basket!

  3. I think they were originally called sleeve garters, in the days when they were made of fabric. Think Wild West saloon card dealers! With the advent of the metal variety I reckon they are just armbands or maybe sleeve bands.

  4. I have a new/old pair of ‘Albert Thurston London Spring Arm Bands’ in their original box. My dad did not wear them but he did wear garters to keep his socks up – he always wore a suit or flannels and Harris tweed jacket with a shirt and tie. I recall always wearing a broach in the jacket of my business suit, each jacket had its own broach. I still have the broaches but can’t remember when I stopped wearing one, I thought it could have been when I moved to wearing a necklace.

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