These ideas are brilliant!

Practise CPR at the airport
The numbers on this keypad change position after each customer so people can’t guess the code from the position of your fingers
Call the elevator with your food. Good if you have parcels or don’t want to touch the buttons in covid times
The spatula won’t make your countertop sticky

In a public toilet. And you won’t forget them because you need to unlock the door and tray is part of the lock.
So visually impaired people can enjoy the art
People who need longer crossing time can tap their card against the reader
The packaging is a paint roller tray
The paediatric MRI machine is a submarine.
A nice place to hang your handbag without it falling off. And also harder to steal.
With plasters just in case you slice yourself!
The bench is on tracks so you can move it into or out of the sun
The holes in the spade prevent suction when shovelling in mud
Refillable laundry products

This suitcase weighs itself!
Credit card sized diploma
You can see the pedestrian crossing even when it is covered with snow and ice
No more wet butts
You can decide which view you want to look at
Magnetic bracelet to hold screws while you work

Seats with a view
You cannot see the screen unless you are face-on

Trolley cleaning station
It goes step by step for you, with just the items you need for each step
Test your baby carriage on all surfaces
Built in glasses cloth

A bicycle escalator
Keyboard on the back
If you lose a card in your deck, you can just recreate it
These swings recharge your phone
A fridge with a rotating shelves so you can always reach what you want
Easily learn chess with these pieces
This supermarket grows its own food
This kinetic walkway generates electricity as you walk on it
Trolley for dogs
This ingredient list tells you what each ingredient does
The this hospital has lights that look like sky
Easier to read

This number is a barcode so you can have it with you without anyone guessing what it is
The dustpan cleans the brush
Ladder with an elevator for material
A flip out colour tester
Surfboard holder

In case you need a brief sit-down
You can place this bucket flat against the wall

So you can see your shopping list
These boxes have built-in packing tape
Charge your phone at the airport by pedalling this stationary bike


Point the tab at your initial so you can see who the can belongs to

Breathalyser at a parking garage
Hide the answers while you are doing the test

Under-floor cooler
Braille overview of how many lanes you have to cross to get over the road

Solar powered chargers on umbrellas
Robot deliveries
Sanitiser for escalator rails
Flip up crampons

Test your hiking shoes
Input what you are looking for into this trolley pad and it will tell you where to find it


Cold, filtered water
Check your toasty progress




This CVV number changes every few hours

COVID safe escalators


This tells you how much time is left on a traffic light. I have also seen a digital countdown of seconds instead of the traditional stick figures. I think it is really smart.


This is in a luggage store so you can test the size of your planned purchase
This goes around other plugs. I wish these were easier to find.
Toilet door
Dedicated smiley key
Toast setting

These cup holders heat or cool your drink

Found at a music festival. As long as it doesn’t rain!

Pointing to Mecca
This stair rail tells you what floor you are on
2 for now, 2 for later
This remote control has place for a spare battery

Wireless charging stations
Muji fitting rooms allow you to adjust the lighting.
Airport dog toilet

This library allows you to literally take a seat
The escalator rails at a station show you which line goes from which platform


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It’s been my observation for quite some time now that the innovations that knock my socks off are usually created by Europeans, followed by Asians.

    My fellow Americans are sorely lacking in the innovating department. Mmm mmm mmm. Sad sad sad. 🙁

    P.S. I thought it was cute that a mouse could push the UP or DN button in order to use the elevator!! 😉

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