Sniff Sniff

I have always had a nose that has run a lot. I suffer from chronic sinusitis which is always present at some level, and I also get more sniffy if it is windy, cold or when the pollen arrives. It’s not much fun at the best of times, but during COVID-19 I get loads of dirty looks as I dab at my nose.

I am always well-prepared with little packs of tissues. I also use them to wipe off my cleanser as I find box tissues very thin. Too thin for my nose or

My absolute favourites of all time are Lidl’s Floralys tissues. They are really cheap – an 18-pack costs $1.43 – and the tissues are thick and really soft. I don’t shop at Lidl often but when I do I stock up on tissues, toilet paper, cotton pads and scratch among the clothing. My favourite sports bras and grey cardigan came from Lidl too.

I have heard that some of their Cien beauty products are very good, but I have never dared to try because I have not had luck with supermarket brands in the past.

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  1. Cien cotton pads from Lidl – Janet Carr @

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