Vote for Mr Hobo Highwaters to become America’s Favourite Pet

One of the people I follow on Facebook is Anthony Di Sano from Providence Rhode island, who religiously feeds street cats in his neighbourhood. He takes gorgeous photographs, has a Facebook group, and several spectacular cats of his own whom he rescued from the streets. They have the most magnificent names – Brutus the Barber Beefcake, KC the Ex Computer Store Kitty, and Little Kitty the Hamburgler.

My favourite of all his cats though, is Mr Hobo Highwaters. Antony says of this glorious cat: In the beginning  he was a rough, tough, mean and dirty looking short haired cat, to a now long haired pristine and playful loving healthy big buddy.

Antony could see that Hobo was going downhill on the streets and in the end was able to bring him into his home. Here is Hobo, before and after. He grew the most incredible mane once he was safe and had a home.

Well, Hobo is now in the semi-finals to be America’s Favourite Pet. Thanks to his fans on social media, he has been number one through all the stages, despite being entered late. The competition is tougher now, so if you like Hobo, you can use your Free Daily Facebook Vote to get him further into the competition.


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  1. WoW he’s a gorgeous boy! Yep, I just voted for Mr. Hobo!

    So glad to hear that he’s a “home” boy now and doesn’t have to deal with the harsh elements.

    Thanks for letting us know about this sweet boy – I truly hope he wins!

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