I am sure I am not alone in hating all the passwords one has to remember these days. Every single site you use regularly seems to require registration. And then there is the dilemma – same password for everything? (easy to remember but not so secure) or different passwords for everything? (hard to remember but secure). Often they need to be upper and lower case and a mix of numbers and letters, and you cannot use one that you have previously used. I do most of my shopping online so the number of usernames and passwords I have to remember seems endless. In addition, my computer suggests strong passwords for me which are absolutely impossible to remember unless I use autofill, but that often does not sync to my phone.

Regarding passwords I have three in use at any one time – one for high security stuff (Paypal, Ebay, Gmail, the server at work), one for medium (Amazon, online shopping sites) and one for low (sites I register on but don’t use). I change the important ones once a month. And never used write them down. I also use LastPass and the Apple Keychain to remember ones I cannot change so often. I clear all cookies regularly which means I have to re-enter all usernames and passwords fairly often.

For the past six months or so I have been using an anonymous looking address book to record my passwords. It has been surprisingly useful and I use it often. Once I have registered something I delete all electronic copies of usernames and passwords and write them in my little book. The book itself is kept in a safe place.

It is easy to find a password when they are alphabetically organised. I would have loved to have done them in an unused Filofax (not actually sure why I didn’t) but this has worked just as well.

There is a stationery factory shop near where I live (very dangerous for me as I love stationery) and they have lots of Paperstyle and Cath Kidston stationery for extremely low prices.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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