Brown Van Der Spek Janet Leather

I have two binders and a notebook in Janet Leather 104, which is the original tan version of this leather. The binder below is the first item made from the battered scarred hide I found at the factory in 2014. Binder zero so to speak. This photograph was taken after about six months of constant use.

I also have a red Janet Leather (JL) Codex cover

And an Undyed JL Nomad

Those are the only colours of JL I have, even though this glorious leather comes in many shades.

I have always hankered after pebbly black JL. Like this one which belongs to Irene

But when I came to the Van Der Spek factory, I fell totally in love with this Brown JL . This brown shows as bitter in some photos and warm in others but in real life it is a little in between. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? I am having an item made with it and I was lucky enough to be able to choose which parts of the hide I wanted.

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  1. Hi Janet, this dark brown leather looks so wonderful and yummy like bitter chocolate. No wonder why you fell in love with it 🙂 Would you be so kind and do a post about your item when it is created by VDS? I would love to see some eye candy.. have a lovely Sunday evening! Many greetings from Berlin.


  2. I love this dark brown, it’s the leather I asked my VDS A5 Custom to be made from. It is very supple and just lovely to handle and it just seems to improve with age.

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