The Downton Abbey movie


I was so looking forward to the Downton Abbey movie that we went to see it the night it opened. The theatre was full – even at 6pm on a Friday night – and the predominantly female audience had a really good time, clapping when it started and when it ended which is very unusual in Sweden.

The final vote was me YAY and my husband NAY.

It was no Avatar or Shawshank Redemption, more like the first Sex and the City movie. If you liked Downton Abbey on television then you will probably like this. It is like an entire series squashed into two hours – for good and bad. Or a TV movie. The good part was that you saw all your favourite characters and the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith) was on form with mega-zingers throughout. The less good part was that there were too many good plot ideas that didn’t really go anywhere or which fizzled out in quick resolutions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the costumes, the characters – who all stayed true to form – and seeing the Abbey again, in a changing world. In fact, I could see it again!

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  1. Certainly rates a big ‘ thumbs up ‘ . I loved every minute, especially the dialog. On television, with the help of closed captioning, I could catch every word, but there were instances in the movie where I was a bit befuddled.. I am good at lip reading though. May even see it again.

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  2. Like you, Janet, I am ready to see it again! What I realised (and kept distracting me) was the poor quality of the fake jewels – tiaras and necklaces. I wonder if it was due to the big screen showing this more. I enjoyed the movie, but it is truly for us Downton fans!

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