One of my clients always used to rave about Olaplex treatments and say how they helped restore her damaged hair so that it could tolerate an extreme colour change. I then read articles and glowing reviews about it. After that of course I had to try it…and I loved it!

I usually have the Olaplex treatment while I am having my hair coloured because it is cheaper. The first step is mixed with the hair colour, and the second step is applied after rinsing the colour out. If you wish (though it costs extra) you can take step three home with you to apply when your hair needs it. I have not bought that one as yet because I have a great deal of very long, curly hair, and the bottle is fairly small.

While I was in South Africa I did have an Olaplex treatment just by itself because it did not cost much and that was also great.

Olaplex now also offer shampoo and conditioner but I have not tried that either.

The blurb is that Olaplex rebuilds bonds broken by chemical treatments, weather, hair tools etc. You can use it to fix damaged hair or you can use it as ‘hair insurance’. My stylist says that people whose hair would not withstand any more processing can have an Olaplex treatment and in most cases it restores their hair so she can then work on it. In my case it seems to strengthen my hair to the extent that it does not get dry from colouring or cold wintry weather. It does seem more shiny and feel softer but the biggest difference is that I don’t need hair masks or deep conditioning.

I would be interested if any of my readers have tried Olaplex and have thoughts on it?

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