My unusual life

When you are a stepmother, people tend to put you in two different categories. You are either the bitchy witchy stepmother, or else you are trying to steal someone else’s kids away from their mother.

I, on the other hand, received one of the biggest blessings of my life in my stepdaughter and her mother.

I could not have children of my own, which broke my heart. Having lost my parents and grandparents young, I longed to have a family of my own and knowing I would never have children or grandchildren was hard for me.

But when I married I gained a wonderful daughter and also her mother, who became one of my best friends.

My daughter Amanda loved me from day one. She made me a mother when I had no confidence in my ability. And her mother is one of the most generous, kind women I have ever known. I love Tina with my whole heart and would do absolutely anything for her.

Both of them have loved me, been there for me, protected me and been my family for all my time in Sweden. They are strong, beautiful, amazing woman. I cannot express how much I appreciate this wonderful gift that life has given me.

I count myself lucky to have these two women as my family.

And today, on Amanda’s 29th birthday, we went to Älskade traditioner in Stockholm. They have the most amazing waffles and milkshakes! The guy next to us was drinking (?) a doughnut milkshake. So instead of a cinnamon bun, the straw was anchored by a doughnut!



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  1. What a beautiful story, Janet, I had a kick as a child and so my reproductive organs are underdeveloped and incomplete, so I understand the ache for a child. You have been truly blessed.

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  2. An amazingly beautiful story Janet!! This made my eyes mist up.

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