Beautiful Boerboel at the pub

Look at that beautiful face!

I met up with some friends at a local pub the other day. When I arrived they were all talking about a huge Mastiff that was under one of the tables. I could not see much apart from the fact that it was a huge dog and so very well behaved.

Later, the owner went outside to take his dog for a little walk. As he walked past me I saw that the dog was a Boerboel. People around us formed a crowd to look at this doggo because he was so big and so beautiful. I began talking to the owner who said that not one person had ever recognised the breed of his dog or heard of a Boerboel.

He has an audience!

What a beautifully well-behaved well-socialised dog. There were people all around and a great deal of noise, and yet this gorgeous dog was calm, happy, well trained, and well-socialised. I got his name but I have forgotten it. He is a son of Gretchen Liddie and I think he is about 7 or 8 years old. He is in beautiful shape and (after seeing that I was okay with his owner) he let me pet and cuddle him.


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  1. My Boerboel Jeremiah is the same way….I call him bomb proof. At 3 1/2 years old,I have yet to find anything that rattles him! Wish I could send a pic!

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