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When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was all about bangles. I had a collection of heavy vintage sterling silver bracelets in different styles and I used to wear them together so they went halfway up my forearm. As they aged they developed this soft glow and they looked amazing with a tan.  I wore them every single day and people would comment the few times I did not wear them.

I found, though, that they were distracting when I typed and taught. Since then if I do wear bracelets it is generally only in summer when I wear short sleeves and they are visible. In Sweden for most of the year my sleeves cover my wrists and they would hide any bangle or bracelet that I wore anyway. When I do wear bracelets they are usually charm bracelets (Nomination, Tiffany, Pandora, traditionalBiagi)

I don’t wear necklaces often either because I wear a security pass on a lanyard around my neck and any necklace I wear either bangs against it or gets caught up in it. When I do wear necklaces they are generally plain chains. I have a big bust so necklaces are difficult. The only ones that really suit me are halfway down my breastbone or down to my waist. Anything in between dangles perilously off the terrifying spectacle that is my bosom and makes me look the size of a small farm.

The only jewellery items I wear on my ears are small studs or rings in silver and gold. I have no earlobes so I cannot wear anything bigger or heavier. I never take them out.

BUT…I wear rings every day. I usually wear rings on three fingers – two fingers of my right hand and one finger of my left. I either stack fine rings or wear thick and heavy ones. I have very thin fingers but bigger finger joints, so if a ring goes over the joint it is way too loose around my finger and it slips and slides and irritates me. So I usually wear stacked rings or very broad rings because they fit snugly and comfortably. I feel so naked without rings on my fingers. I do take them off when I am at home though. Y

At the moment I am loving this one. It is solid sterling silver and I bought it at a secondhand store. 

I stack it on my right middle finger with this one, brushed gold-plated silver from the charity shop. I like to mix gold and silver.

I have noticed that many jewellery stores, particularly high end ones, sell mainly rings. At the auctions and pawnshops where I buy most of my jewellery there is a huge turnover of rings compared to bracelets, pendants etc. Of all the jewellery they sell (not counting watches), about 90% of it is rings. So it cannot be just me who loves rings that much.

They don’t have to be expensive either. You can find costume rings for next to nothing and genuine sterling silver for very little. Rings take more of a bashing than other types of jewellery and stones can fall out (thought it has never happened to me) but smooth flat silver and gold rings can take a pounding and just look better as they patina.

I also like the weight of rings on my fingers and I like to fiddle with them now and then. Below you can see examples of how I wear them at work.

And here I was on holiday so I was dripping with it! 

Another I am wearing quite often right now is this hematite spinner I bought on a pawn auction. It polished up so nicely and spins so well!

Wikipedia has a section on all the different kinds of rings you can get – wedding rings, class rings, rosary rings, purity rings, guard rings, ecclesiastical rings, wedding rings, mood rings, poison rings, mourning rings, signet ring, watch ring, midi ring, thumb ring, toe ring, puzzle ring etc etc.

So, how about you? What kind of jewellery do you like?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I am not sure if others have asked but I love the large deco style ring with the blue square sapphire. What is the cost ?

  2. The ring at the beginning of this article is beautiful. Can you tell me who the designer is and where I can find it ?

  3. I am absolutely mad about this ring and I am looking for a special engagement, a statement ring. But I know you are a designer and I just want to know what it cost. Thank you.

    MiMi Rink

    1. Hello there! Sadly I am not a designer, just an enthusiast. If you tell me which ring you like, I can try and find out a cost for you?

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