British problems

  • People who don’t leave one step empty between people when going up the escalator.
  • The police in Dartford are driving around in Smart cars and I now cannot take them seriously.
  • The email from the National Lottery gets my hopes up too much.
  • I live outside the UK so when I say ‘With all due respect’ nobody realises I’m insulting them.
  • I asked if anyone wanted the last biscuit. Someone did.
  • I accidentally rang the bell on the bus at the wrong stop, and instead of explaining my predicament to the driver, got off and walked the rest of the way home.
  • I picked out something that wasn’t in the meal deal so I had to pay full price for everything as I didn’t want to cause a fuss.
  • I said ‘thank you’ as a warden handed me a parking ticket.
  • There’s no etiquette for using an umbrella in crowded areas during  wet weather.
  • I accidentally touched another commuter’s hand on the handrails on the tube today.
  • My girlfriend claims to be ‘neither here nor there’ on Marmite. Now I can’t trust anything she says or does.
  • My housemate finished the Heinz ketchup, and replaced it with Tesco own-brand.
  • Even though we were the only two people in the Tube station, the woman standing on the left of the escalator made me very uncomfortable.
  • Running out of ways to say thank you when someone holds a door open for you.
  • Today someone asked me to use my lighter and I thanked him for using it.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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      1. More so, yes!
        People encounter these issues everywhere in t he world, not only in Great Britain! It would be a very narrow-minded opinion to think that they concern Brita only!

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