The difference between money and monies

Note that monies is not the plural form of money,  it means resources, funds.


1 money- Money is the coins or bank notes that you use to buy things, or the sum that you have in a bank account.

  • A lot of the money that you pay at the cinema goes back to the film distributors.
  • Players should be allowed to earn money from advertising.
  • She probably had more money but she didn’t spend it.
  • discounts and money saving offers.

2 money monies or moneys. Monies is used to refer to several separate sums of money that form part of a larger amount that is received or spent. (FORMAL)

  • We drew up a schedule of payments for the rest of the monies owed.
  • the investment and management of monies by pension funds.

From Harper Collins.

Quick definition from an accountant

  • As an accountant, we use monies to refer to funds that are either owed to us or by us that have yet to be received or paid. Of course, the difference between monies and moneys can only be told when in writing, but it seems to do the trick.

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