Ziggy’s a big fella!

Ziggy to the left and Fluffy to the right

Ziggy’s mother weighed only 2kg/4.5lbs. When he came to us as a rescue, he was the tiniest little thing I had ever seen. The vet told me that he would probably never weigh more than 3.5kg/7.5lbs.

Yesterday I picked him up and suddenly noticed that he was big and heavy. I weighed him and he is now 7kg/15.5lbs. He is much taller and stockier than Fluffy, who is 6kg/13lbs. I was actually shocked because I hadn’t noticed him getting so big. It must be all the love and good food!

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  1. I love them both! They are sooo cute!

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  2. Such a sweet pair!!!

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  3. They are a couple of cuties!

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